Listen, life is hard. And coping with the anxiety and stress of the highs and lows it brings can be downright paralyzing. That is, when you don’t have someone to hold your hand through it all. Whether you’re a couple preparing for marital bliss or a millennial or teen struggling to sort out your emotions, The Prackind Wellness Group is here to help.

  • We offer emotional and mental wellness support and therapy as well as pre-marital counseling services for couples who are just about ready to say, “I do.”

  • For millennials and teens, we provide counsel on how to break through the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence blocking them from getting the success, inner peace or healthy relationships they want.

  • For couples, we offer pre-marital counseling services to foster unconditional love and silence the self-doubt and past traumas stopping them from communicating openly and feeling secure with their partner. Once they identify these emotions and learn how to manage them, they’re left filled with the hope and excitement of spending the rest of their lives together.

  • For both our couples, millennial and teen clients, we bridge the gap between Christian values and science. We do this by taking a strategic yet faith-based approach to helping our clients gain mental clarity, self-confidence, emotional wellness and internal peace.


My Promise to You…

I am passionate about helping women and couples get the life they want. Whether you’re a woman or half on an engaged couple, I want you to know success and a meaningful relationship starts from within. I can help you do the inner work that will forever change how you love on yourself, how you love on others and how you make the most out of this thing we call life.

Meet The Prackind Wellness Group Founder

I’m Amaris Watson Gale, the Psychotherapist and Premarital Love Counselor both millennials and couples turn to for guidance and support. I counsel millennials on how to break through the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence preventing them from getting the success, inner peace and healthy relationships they crave. Engaged couples turn to my practice for compassionate, straightforward premarital advice on how to build passionate, long-lasting marriages.

I believe culture and strategy, infused with kindness and consistency are the top catalysts for healing and development. This ethos, along with my passion for helping others has allowed me to build Prackind in a way that helps our clients achieve the change they want in their lives.

In addition to serving as the founder of Prackind, I’m also the co-leader of the Celebrate Recovery program at the First Baptist Church of Salisbury, Maryland. In this role, I leverage my expertise and experience to support individuals as they move past emotional pain and develop the skills needed to thrive and grow with kindness and joy.

I genuinely love helping others create the life they’ve always wanted, and I’m blessed to have Prackind and the First Baptist Church as outlets for me to use my passion to serve others.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT)

  • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Salisbury University

  • Master’s in Social Work

    University of Maryland, Baltimore


Meet Paigean

I’m Paigean Jones, the Licensed Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher millennials and teens trust to help them break through anger, boost positive feelings about self and let go of recurring worries so that they can live well.

Audre Lorde said it best, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation”. I believe that understanding and nurturing ones self physically, emotionally and relationally is a primary tool for cultivating inner peace. This philosophy, along with my passion for serving others has led me to create a healing space for clients to thrive in the midst of uncertainties.

Featuring weekend and afternoon hours in Lanham, Maryland and the option to practice yoga too, I’m here to make therapy flexible and accessible for you.

Whether you’re a teen trying to feel better while figuring out life, experiencing a mountain of stress and anxiety or going through a devastating break up with the one you love, I can help you move past difficult emotions and learn practical self-soothing skills you can use on-demand time and time again.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

West Chester University

  • Master’s in Social Work

Georgia State University

Certifications and Specialities

  • Registered Yoga Teacher- 200 hour (RYT 200)

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Trauma Informed Yoga

Amaris- Watson-Gale-Therapistjpg

Peace + Joy Awaits You

Work with Us (For Social Workers Only)

Get the confidence and education to launch your thriving private practice and bloom as a social worker today.

Do you feel anxious about your future as a social worker?

Are you tired of believing that you have to sacrifice your wellness for others while you live broke?

Do you want to run a private practice but have NO idea where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then here is what you should know:

You can live confidently and have inner peace.

You can create the life of your dreams.

You can live burn-out free and be a social worker ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Prackind can help you do this, plus more.

Through our work together you will:

  • Develop confidence in your clinical and therapeutic voice

  • Get clear on where’d you like to go in your career and how you will get there

  • Learn how to apply science based tools to real life problems (because all therapy ain’t good therapy)

  • Learn how to launch AND run your own successful private practice

Thriving as a social worker is not easy but it does not have to be hard. Having a mentor who shares your passions can help you gain clarity, embrace life-changing lessons and acquire the skills to become a successful social worker and therapist who can relax, live and eat well.

Join Prackind founder, Amaris Watson Gale for our next 8-week “Social Work-ing It” group program running from January-March 2020 in Lanham, MD.

Warning: Spot are extremely limited so do not wait to take action. This space is for graduate and clinical social workers who are ready to invest in themselves and their future. This is not clinical supervision. This is an educational program designed to teach you how to thrive in social work while in business. If you have any questions, please book an inquiry call and we’ll be happy to help you determine if you’re a good fit for this group or another Prackind program.

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