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We offer individual and/or faith-based counseling for those who want to experience a deeper level of clarity, confidence and peace. We also offer pre-marital counseling for couples who are dating or engaged and desire to learn and implement valuable tools to help create a solid foundation and inspire a healthy marriage.  

Our goal is to help you discover your true self, develop a greater sense of peace, restore and revive broken relationships and achieve more of what your heart desires.

For individuals, PracKind specializes in helping you to: 

- Clarify and achieve your vision for your life;

- Achieve a greater sense of confidence and freedom;

- Discover and maintain a peace of mind;

- Establish and keep healthy boundaries;

- Make clear and confident decisions; and

- Discover and live your true, authentic self.

For pre-marital couples, PracKind specializes in helping you to:

- Develop self and partner awareness

- Lear, connect and understand each other better;

- Identify and resolve unmet needs in the relationship;

- Communicate in a way that heals and doesn’t hurt;

- Resolve conflict effectively; and

- Boost the quality of your relationship.

To help guarantee success, we deliver tailored, one-of-a-kind curriculums that provides direction towards growth and healing. 

Through our unique self-inquiry process, we help you identify your hearts desires and unspoken needs, discover your unique therapeutic learning style and gain clarity on what you want and the steps to get you there.


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