Pre-marital Counseling & Relationship Therapy


We are so happy that you are here and taking the first step to grow and evolve with your love.

The reality is that many marriages are not making it to "...until death do us part..." 

Many people enter into this beautiful yet complex commitment with unrealistic expectations, limited insight about the others inner world, and a lack of insight on how to be married after the wedding and honeymoon phase. Sadly, this combination often leads to baggage, broken hearts, and even divorce. 

The truth is, we aren't born marriage experts and like every other thing we'd like to master, we must take time to learn, nurture, and cultivate it.

We're here to help you do just that! 

OUR GOAL IS TO HELP YOU secure your love + Confidently say “I DO” so that you can provide a safe foundation for your children, experience a lifetime of love, and leave a meaningful legacy.

Our 10-week premarital curriculum is infused with faith-based perspective, creativity, and proven truths that provide insight to help you develop + nurture your relationship, and prepare for an optimal marriage experience.

The lessons covered in the curriculum:

  • Developing self and partner awareness;

  • Learning and applying emotional intelligence;

  • Creating and maintaining individual, partner and marital boundaries;

  • Understanding marital, gender, and sexual roles, expectations and beliefs;

  • Developing effective communication and conflict resolution habits and techniques;

  • Understanding family background, exploring and resolving family of origin concerns, learning new family dynamics and expectations; and

  • Achieving financial wellness.

If you’re ready to learn more and schedule a phone consultation, please contact us here.