3 Steps to Keep Your Confidence in a Competitive, Chaotic World

For the ambitious woman.

“There are many types of __________, but there’s room for us all. “

Go ahead, you fill in the blank.  

This simple yet powerful message sheds light on the reality of being able to do your own thing with boldness and grace.

Simply put, if it’s in your heart to do it… you can. We all can. Despite who else is doing it too. 

But in a world of never-ending chaos and competition, it can be easy to lose sight of this certainty and experience ongoing fear and doubt.

This can be resolved. 

Confidence, intangible and learned, is a key skill to clarifying your vision, easing your fears and empowering others.

Apply these 3 simple steps whenever you’re in doubt, up your confidence and thrive your way…

#1.  Reflect on your source.

Reflect on who or what grounds you.  Whether big, small, tangible or not, we all have a center… a source. The place you turn to for comfort, security and rest. Think, ponder and meditate on your source to help boost your stamina and replenish your faith.

#2.  Zone in on your role.

You’re here for a reason. Focus on this purpose. Ditch self-defeating thoughts, continue to enhance your skillsets and zone in on your role. The reason why you were placed here on earth and what you were sent here to do. Remember, there is room for you. Zone in on this. 

#3. Create your own wins.

Yes, your own wins. Set small, realistic goals for yourself and actually ACHIEVE them. This will give way to a sense of accomplishment that will perpetuate your desire to win, and keep your confidence up. 

Happy living!



Amaris W