8 Signs You May Need To See A Therapist, Too


“Therapy?! Naw… not me…(I think)”

For so many years, you’ve been taught to hold it in and  that therapy is a for a certain group of people. If you get therapy, your nuts. If you get therapy, you’re weak. If you get therapy, you've lost control. If you get therapy, you weren’t held enough as a child… and the myths go on.

But now, life is happening. Really happening. Mental wellness is on the rise and this therapy thing seems as though it's a considerable idea. So you begin to wonder... maybe it is for me. Maybe it isn't.

"But, how can I know for sure?"

If this is you and you’ve ever asked yourself this question, here’s a little clarity and 8 pretty powerful signs that point in the direction of – “Okay, I may need a therapist, too.”


1.        “Me time” is in overdrive. You don’t want to do anything with anyone, anymore.

You want to be to yourself ALLLL the time. You’re isolating and have neglected nurturing the connections you once did.

2.        Your prayers seemingly go no further than the ceiling. 

You want soooo much out of life but it doesn’t seem to be happening for you.

3.        You’re on edge. You feel uneasy and can’t shake it. 

Anxiety is on an all time HIGH. And meditation (whatever that is) isn’t helping.

4.        You’ve lost something that was of incredible VALUE to you. 

This one is huge. Whether it be a job, a friend or a relationship. If you’ve experienced any time of loss aka detachment from something you were once very emotionally connected to, a mental check up is essential.

5.        The melatonin isn't working and you’re up all night.

You’re restless at night and mornings seem heavy.

6.        Affirmations and life-giving messages no longer phase you. 

Things that used to give you life just don’t anymore. It’s hard to to see the light and get inspired. Things are just a blah.

7.        You find yourself obsessing over the same things day in and day out. 

You have limited rest, mentally. It’s driving you and the people close to you insane.

8.        Your friends say you should. It may sound more like, “…umm maybe you should go talk to someone…” 

Lol. We all have that friend. But seriously, they know you best. And if they mention a shift in you, it’s likely true.  

Do either of these sound like you? If so, maybe its time to reach out to a healing professional. Someone you believe you can trust. Most likely your 90-180-day self will thank you! 

If you have any questions or would like a specific question answered on the blog, feel free to send me a note.  

Talk soon!


Amaris W