7 Super Good Reasons Why You & Babe Should Seek Counseling (yes, even if you’re not married)

Hey! So, I’d like to briefly answer a question that I get quite often from dating and committed couples…

“Should we go to counseling even if we are not married?”

Well, I'm here to tell you that it definitely has its GAINS and a variety of BENEFITS!  For some reason many of us programmed to believe that couples counseling is only beneficial for married, seasoned couples and that’s definitely not true.

The truth is this…

1.       Couples counseling can help you create and maintain a solid, healthy relationship;

2.       Couples counseling is a great source of insight and education to help protect your relationship investment; and

3.       Couples who attend counseling usually come for one of two reasons… to prepare or to repair.

It's up to you to decide which one you'd prefer. 

Here are 7 super good reasons why you should seek couples counseling, even if you are not married:  

#1      You can discover more about your partner’s sense of self, who they are beneath the surface and what defines them.  


#2      You can gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to one another and learn creative ways to boost your emotional connection.


#3      You can learn more about your value and belief system similarities and differences and how they may impact your future together.


#4      You can thoroughly explore and understand each others role perceptions and what you expect from one another.


#5      You can learn to master navigating and resolving conflict in a way that works for you and fits your relationship.           


#6      You can learn what serves and fuels one another to help avoid things becoming dry and ending sour.


#7      You can develop communication skills to help you converse in a way that builds understanding and actually reaches the heart of one another.  


If you prepare your foundation, you’ll have the tools on deck early on to have a solid, healthy relationship and may avoid having to repair damage in the future.   

Couples counseling can help you learn, understand and apply tools and strategies that are proven to protect your investment and make what you and babe have together work … and work well!

If you have any questions or you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, please send me a note here. If you want to discover and learn more about babe at home, check out our free partner discovery guide here

Happy Living!