Is Therapy a Good Move for You? Here's How to Tell.

Around this time of year it’s 100% necessary that you clearly define and maintain your limits. In other words, you make it clear to yourself and those around you what you will and will not allow into your mental and physical space. Because if you don’t, your mind and body will tell you so. The season will feel pointless, balance will seem non existent, and anxiety will be at an all time high.

If this sounds like you or someone you know well, here’s an idea that may help...


Yes, therapy. A tangible, intangible, and highly effective wellness approach to healing the heart and mind.

Therapy is

  • Power

  • Insight + perspective

  • Authenticity + connection

  • Clarity + peace of mind

  • A guide to your undeniable, best self

  • A gift that keeps on giving

It’s not advice, a quick fix to your problems or direct answers to the mysteries of life. Rather, it is a compassionate, organic and insightful source of freedom that encourages movement and leads you to resolve your fears and insecurities, and evolve into your best possible self.

When you have a moment to reflect, consider the true/false statements below and uncover if therapy may be a good fit for you.

  1. I can practice vulnerability with myself and know when it’s safe to practice it with others.

  2. I’m comfortable sitting with my feelings and hearing the feelings of those close to me even when I don’t agree with them.

  3. Nervousness, worry, and fear are foreign to me.

  4. I can assertively express what I will and will not allow to those significant to and around me.

  5. Sleep and rest come naturally.

  6. I prioritize my mental wellness and my schedule provides evidence of this.

  7. I am aware of my core values and beliefs, and my life practices align with these.

  8. I am clear about who I am and my life's’ path.

  9. I am hopeful about tomorrow.

If you answered false to at least 7 out of 9 of these statements, therapy may be a good fit for you. Answering “truth” to each of these are necessary to a life of fulfillment, balance, and peace. Remember, therapy is a gift that keeps on giving and 2019 is the perfect year for you to give to you!

If you’d like to learn more about how to achieve a life of fulfillment, balance, and peace, send me a note through the connect link above. To shop mental wellness providers in or around your area check out or