"Who am I, really?" A practical exercise to remind you of your personal, unique power and boost your self confidence.

We are not all the same (thank God!) and that’s what makes us creative and absolutely beautiful. But sometimes we doubt our individual beauty and loose sight of what makes us great. This exercise will help remind you of who you are and the confidence you possess.

But first, lets clarify a few essentials that may be helpful to you.

Self esteem is your perception of your individual value and worth. Its how you feel about you.

Self confidence is your belief in your ability to perform, carry out and complete your goals. It’s how you feel and think about your ability to do.

Identity, who you are, is your personal power that guides you. It’s your definition of you.

These are all significant because …

Knowledge of who you are gives birth to your sense of self worth and paves the way for you to believe that you can accomplish AN-Y-THING.

Answer these 5 questions and reflect on them daily to help you discover or re-discover you and boost your self power.

1.         What 5 positive attributes do you add to your home and your community?


2.         What are 7 positive adjectives that best describe you?


3.         What 3 actions (in general) do you take regularly that you admire?


4.         What 3 topics energize and make you inwardly light up the most?


5.         What are 3 words or messages that inspire and reach your heart the greatest? 

Amaris W