Therapy was something that I had considered for many years (since I was in middle school), but I was always reluctant to go. I feared that it would not actually alleviate my stress and anxiety, so I never went. As a college student, the academic challenges, difficulties of navigating relationships, dealing with breakups, and taking on more leadership roles in organizations worsened my anxiety. I decided it was time to make a change to live a healthier life and seeking therapy with Amaris was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

During my sessions with Amaris, she truly provides a listening ear and creates a space where I can be transparent and honest about the things I have been struggling with. By talking things out, I am able to recognize the sources of the deep-rooted issues I face and with Amaris’ help we are able to devise ways for me to overcome those struggles. Within each session, I learn something new about myself and gain a different perspective on the various situations we discuss. Since I have been seeing Amaris, I have noticed a boost in my confidence and most importantly a stronger peace of mind. 

K.C., age 21, Bowie MD


Beginning this journey, I experienced anxiety and stress from graduate school, a lack of self confidence, feeling lost in my career, and family issues.

Since collaborating with Amaris, I have been able to assertively speak my mind more, prioritize things in my life, and learn how to deal with people as they are and for who they are. I have gained tools for practicing self-care and learned how to put myself first. I have also been able to pass the class I needed to move forward in my graduate program, and take the steps to build a better relationship with a sibling I previously had issues with.

This journey has put things in perspective for me on what I want out of life. Not only has it made me more open minded toward others, but also toward myself!

S.F., age 26, Baltimore MD


When I began my therapy visits with Amaris, I was dealing with issues concerning my family structure and new experiences in regards to new relationships and friendships. I had trouble dealing with these issues and how to confront difficult conversations. I had been dealing with so many issues from my past that impacted my present. Therapy helped me uncover these issues, learn my areas of improvement, and gave me the opportunity to have a listening ear when I was frustrated and needed someone to talk to.

Therapy has also been a tremendous help in my journey of understanding myself and learning what is best in my life. I am now able to make better decisions in the midst of life obstacles and know when to reach out for help.

I have also learned how to look at situations in my life from a different perspective and foster healthy relationships, as well as know when it’s time to let unhealthy relationships go. During this year, I have gained a better sense of self-worth, become more confident in my decision making and become better equipped to handle difficult situations.

T.T., age 27, Greenbelt MD


Since attending therapy with my girlfriend, we have been able to achieve common ground in our relationship. And I have been able to re-focus on improving my relationship with God, re-enroll in school, and be in a better position to provide for my family. This experience has helped me alleviate my stress-enhancing thoughts and behaviors through opening up and sharing my thoughts and feelings, and learning what I can do to possibly change my struggle.

- V.O., age 31, Lanham MD


A few months ago, I was searching for a counselor to treat my 20-year old son. My son needed a place and a person he could talk to who could relate to him and not have any fears of being “judged”.  From the initial visit with Amaris, my son felt safe.  Amaris provides a safe, non-judgmental place, in a peaceful environment that has allowed my son to fully share ALL of his feelings and thoughts.  She has an ability to listen, recommend a healthier pattern of thinking and direction, all while providing a high-level of sensitivity, understanding and professionalism.  Amaris also provided our family, with “family sessions”. This shows how she cares and understands the importance of not just helping my son “heal” but also pulling in his support system to help him through that process.  We are so grateful for Amaris and can’t thank her enough!

- N.W., age 40, Burtonsville MD