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How to Build an Ideal Team from the Ground Up

This shop was crafted for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to purposefully and strategically expand and create the ideal team.

You’re up and going … finally growing …and desire to expand your reach. This means that you will soon, if you already haven’t, start the journey of finding others to help carry out your goodness.

Taking the right steps to identify and build a group of people who match your dream is necessary to effectively carry out your vision and protect your beautiful investment. This workshop was created to help you do this. From this lesson, you gain clarity on your beliefs and values, purposefully identify the who for your vision, learn to speak in a way that attracts them and gain an understanding of how to keep your dream team flowing.

Participants will:

  1. Define their personal values and belief system and understand the role it plays in carrying out their dream
  2. Learn how to identify the who that should carry out their vision
  3. Learn communication approaches that attract the hearts of their ideal team
  4. Discuss basic ways to maintain their ideal team


Leadership That Works, Loves & Thrives: How to Connect, Influence & Inspire  

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How to Minimize the Drama & Maximize your Growth

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How to Minimize Stagnancy and Maximize Your Reach

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