Prackind offers workshops and downloadable resources to help people, relationships and leaders learn and master the principles needed to thrive.


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Participants will:

  1. Clearly Define their personal values and belief system and understand the role it plays in carrying out their dream

  2. Learn how to identify the who that should carry out their vision

  3. Learn communication approaches that attract the hearts of their ideal team

  4. Discuss basic ways to maintain their ideal team

This shop was crafted for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to purposefully and strategically expand and create the ideal team.

You’re up and going … finally growing …and desire to expand your reach. This means that you will soon, if you already haven’t, start the journey of finding others to help carry out your vision.

Taking the right steps to identify and build a group of people who match your dream is necessary to effectively carry out your vision and protect your beautiful investment. This workshop was created to help you do this. From this lesson, you will gain clarity on your beliefs and values, purposefully identify the who for your vision, learn to speak in a way that attracts them and gain an understanding of how to keep your dream team flowing.


Leadership That Works, Loves & Thrives: How to Connect, Influence & Inspire   

From this lesson, participants will:

  1. Learn how to connect with hearts and inspire action

  2. Discover simple yet practical ways to gain influence and respect

  3. Learn how to practice empathy and gain insight into it’s role in winning

This workshop was created for leaders who desire to gain the skills necessary to maximize their influence and inspire their organizations towards growth, productivity, collaboration and love.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of leadership tasks that connecting with the hearts of the people isn’t always considered first. The part of them that keeps them energetic and excited about what and why they’re doing. In any atmosphere where the goal is to produce more along with others, the demand to connect and relate is essential. This is why it is important for leaders to practice and master the skills necessary to successfully engage, build positive relationships and lovingly guide their teams towards better.  


How to Minimize the Drama & Maximize your Growth

What’ll you’ll learn:

  1. How to recognize and address common warning signs of a conflict-prone space 

  2. Steps to effectively resolve conflictual and stressful situations

  3. strategic, novel ways to infuse passion into your space 

This was workshop was designed for organizations who desire to create more peaceful, loving and collaborative spaces.

Setting goals is one thing... achieving them is another. Especially when no one seems to be on the same page and you’re in the midst of hot mess. You passionately desire for you and yours to work well together and consistently produce greatness, however, these things seem non-existent as the drama seems never-ending.

Conflict is indeed inevitable, especially in a space where people are working towards a common goal.  However, if handled effectively it doesn’t have to stagnant your growth. If conflict is addressed with strategy and resolved in love, it has the ability to have a transformative effect. It has the power to change stagnant and frustration-full places into flowing and peace-full ones. This workshop was designed to help you identify and resolve conflict like a pro with intention, skill and love.  


How to Minimize Stagnancy and Maximize Your Reach

This workshop will help you:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of how to connect with hearts and gain trust 

  2. Learn practical steps to increase engagement and decrease inconsistency

  3. Learn how to define, set and achieve realistic and relevant goals

This workshop was designed especially for organizations who desire to connect with hearts, increase engagement and foster positive relationships.

Reaching people first begins with having a deep understanding of who you are, who they are, what they need and how you can be of service to them. This insight, executed strategically with goal setting and love, has the power to transform organizations into happy, valuable and thriving spaces. Building healthy connections leads to positive relationships and positive relationships are the key to increasing engagement and truly inspiring others. This workshop provides leaders with the tools necessary to connect, relate and engage and build kinder, stronger and fruitful organizations.