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who we are 

PracKind solutions is a Private counseling and consulting practice located in Towson and Bowie, Maryland. our core belief is that intention and strategy, infused with kindness and consistency are the top catalysts towards healing and a true turn around.

and that's what we intend to provide for you. 

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47 Questions you must ask before you set the date

A partner discovery guide for dating, engaged and committed couples. 

We offer individual and/or faith-based counseling for those who want to experience a deeper level of clarity, confidence and peace. We also offer pre-marital counseling for couples who are dating or engaged and desire to  learn and implement valuable tools to help create a solid foundation and inspire a healthy marriage. 

We offer customized consultations and strategy sessions to leaders of organizations and churches seeking to build meaningful connections and inspire a team culture of vision, collaboration and kindness. 

We offer workshops to help teams and leaders learn and master the principles needed to thrive in their spaces and connections with others.


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